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GOBBLER GROANERS - a Thanksgiving nessage from Musictoons and Musical Messages

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tstraw by Jo tstraw by Jo
Turkey in the Straw
sequencer : Bill Abbott



Why do turkeys go "gobble gobble" ?

They haven't learned good table manners !

Why was the turkey sent to the principal's office ?

He used "fowl" language !

What did the little turkey say to the big turkey ?

"Peck" on someone your own size !

What do you call a crazy turkey ?

A "cuckoo" bird !

What do turkeys use to clean themselves ?

They use "feather dusters" !

Why did the turkey cross the road ?

It was the chicken's day off !

Want to hear another one ???

Stop ! That's enough groaners !

Let's do the turkey dance !

by Dorret Goodwin by Dorret Goodwin by Dorret Goodwin

turkey by Jo turkey by Jo turkey by Jo

Is this what Thanksgiving is all about ?

by Jo

by Jo

by Jo

by Jo by Jo

Let's talk ........Turkey

by Jo


credits and information

midi sequenced by Bill Abbott
* please visit Bill's site to hear more of his midi sequences
"Turkey in the Straw" composer-John Renfro Davis
* site with lyrics and information about the tune
* to learn more about American folksongs and ballads
go to Popular songs in American History
* graphics from Jo's World
*web page: by J.Giannetta

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