A Prayer for Thanksgiving at Musictoons & Musical Messages
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Perhaps we have not counted
All our blessings one by one;
Perhaps we have not bothered
To remember whence they come;
And maybe we have taken
Just for granted all the things
That the good Lord has created
And the hand of Nature brings.

So if we have failed to show
By word or act or deed
That we are thankful unto Him
Who fills our daily need,
May this day show we're grateful
When we add up all the sum
Of the blessings we remember
As we count them one by one.

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credits and information

- poem was written by W.G.Seaman (Thanksgiving Ideals Vol.23 #5)
"My Old Kentucky Home" sequenced by Bill Abbott
- visit Bill's site to hear more of his midi sequences
"My Old Kentucky Home" was written by Stephen Foster in 1853.
- It is Kentucky's state song - sing along with the music/lyrics
- The Music of Stephen Foster
- some information about Stephen Foster
- Visit a site dedicated to Stephen Foster
- site for Thanksgiving clipart
- web page by J.Giannetta

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