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One dictionary defines a parody as -
"a literary composition imitating and ridiculing some serious work, a poem or a song ; a comical imitation of something serious"
Another dictionary's definition adds -
"a parody follows the form of the original, but changes its sense to nonsense, thus making fun of the characteristics of the original."


There are a number of parody sites on the internet. There are also sites that try to interpret whether a parody violates any copyright laws. US Copyright law Section 107 provides that "the fair use of a copyrighted work . . . . . is not an infringement . . . ,''. My parodies should apply as "fair use". If someone feels I have infringed on their copyright please let me know. It was not my intention to claim ownership to any songs. All I did was change the words. I have given credit to the singer/songwriter of the songs that I imitated.


The selections that I wrote for Musictoons make reference to how people become addicted to the internet ( chatrooms, surfing , playing internet games and sending emails, etc. ) I tried to use each original song/words as a model and then rewrote it in such a way as to provide some humor and enjoyment. I am not making fun of the original song. I am not making any profit from these web pages.
I have also included information --- such as the singers, songwriters, midi sequencers, and links to the original lyrics. I've tried to credit whenever possible.

contact me at if there are any concerns